Neki od tekstova objavljenih van ovog bloga možda će se naći preneti i ovde. U svakom slučaju, ovo je mesto na kom bi uvek trebalo da se pojave najnovije objave u medijima za koje trenutno pišem:

Arhive tekstova iz Linux Worlda i LWN-a, kao i svi brojevi GNUzille (održava Aleksandar Urošević) su ovde:


B92 Tehnopolis


Svet kompjutera




Linux World

  • Just how did Microsoft get OOXML support in Eastern Europe?

    Microsoft quietly got its proposed Office Open XML format through two European standards bodies. A member of the Free Software Foundation Europe looks at the low-profile process that made it happen.

  • Interview with Carlo Piana

    The European Union’s 899-million-euro antitrust fine is the result of a continuous effort by the European Commission dating back to 2000. Carlo Piana, a partner at the Milan law firm Studio Legale Tamos Piana & Partners, represented the Free Software Foundation Europe and the Samba project in the case.

  • A magazine about free software, made with free software

    The impact that the media has in societies today is crucial in creating public awareness of issues. Free Software is no exception, so independent and relevant media outlets in this area are more than necessary.


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